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Hyderabad Madrassa Empowers Girls..
12 days ago

The city's first and also only institute, Madrassa Jaiatul Mominath in Moghalpura empowers women by training them to become muftias. Fatwa is an opinion that Muslims seek on subjects - including marriage, menstruation, divorce, adoption, property issues, and rituals like namaz and roza.



Hafiz Mastan Ali, Jamiatul Mominath's founder said that there are several questions that women hesitate to ask muftis and they thought women would be more comfortable discussing their issues with muftias and that's why they introduced this one-year course 12 years ago.


Today, the institute set up in 1991, the madrassa has 2,500 students of whom 400 are hostellers. The muftia course began with only five girls, but this year, the department is training 15. So far, the madrassa has produced 318 muftias.