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Kancha Ilaiah to M.V.R Shastri - Why don't you say that Tirumala priesthood is beyond castes?

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah has responded vehemently to M.V.R Sastry's book 'Ilaiah Paityam'. Saying that this was a conversation between a shepherd and a Shastri, he said that when Shastri's children and grandchildren study in English schools and speak in English, then their surname should be 'Bishop'!

Prof. Ilaiah questioned M.V.R Shastri if he had ever, in his editorial experience, written an article about the farmers, labourers who plough the soil or about shoemakers. He also said that anyone discussing or writing for the working class has always been labelled 'mad'.



Prof. Ilaiah questioned that when M.V.R Shastri was talking so much, why wasn't he also saying that priesthood in Tirumala temple is beyond caste? Writing books and raising objections is their right, Prof. Ilaiah said, saying that he was working towards changing the country from its foundation. He said that he didn't believe that anger was the right reaponse to anger. He remarked that Shastri should read Ilaiah's books if he did not know about Indian history. He said, "our castes will respond to your abuses". Prof. Ilaiah's book "Komatollu Samajika Smugglers" (Komati caste are smugglers in society) has caused a huge controversy that is refusing to die down.

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