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Roja's fiery comments on Pavan Kalyan

YCP firebrand MLA Roja severely criticised Janasena leader Pavan Kalyan for his comments on dynastic politics. She questioned what Pavan would have achieved as an actor if Chiranjeevi had not been an established name in the film industry. He and the current crop of 'Mega' heroes were all taking advantage of Chiranjeevi's hard work, she said. She said that while Y.S. Jagan was indeed taking on his father's legacy, he had made his own place in the hearts of the people of Andhra Pradesh. She pointed out that people might get opportunities due to their families, but it was their own talent that set them apart. She accused Pavan Kalyan of treating politics as a pastime and that he was just reading out speeches written by someone else. Why was he targetting the opposition party instead of the government, she wondered.



Meanwhile, 'Mega' fans have taken serious offence to her comments. They objected to Roja talking about actors belonging to Chiranjeevi's family in the context of politics. That she was doing this for publicity was the resounding comment across social media.