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Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review

Comedian Sapthagiri tested his luck last year with Sapthagiri Express and his second attempt Sapthagiri LLB released all over today. Charan is the director and Kashish Vohra played the female lead. Produced by K Ravi Kirane, Sapthagiri LLB released all over and here is the movie's review:




Sapthagiri LLB is all about a small lawyer Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) who moves to city to make it big in his profession and earn big. At the right time, he comes across a case of Raj Paul (Sai Kumar) and files a PIL to re-open the case. The rest of Sapthagiri LLB is all about what happens next and how Sapthagiri makes it big. Watch Sapthagiri LLB to know about the story.




Production Values
Court Scenes



First Half




Sapthagiri makes a huge impact with his performance throughout the film. He has been outstanding and energetic throughout. Kashish Vohra looks decent on screen but fails to impress with her performance. Shiva Prasad and Sai Kumar are two pillars for the film and they performed with utmost ease. All the other actors turned decent.



Sapthagiri LLB has a lean plot and the pale screenplay that kills the entire film. The cinematography and the background score are the major highlights of Sapthagiri LLB. The production values have been rich and make the film look lavish. The music has been ok and so is the editing. The director fails to keep the audience engaging with his presentation.




Sapthagiri LLB is a misfire and falls short of the expectations. Sapthagiri has been outstanding in his role and the court scenes impress the audience.