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Will D.K. Aruna become the next head of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee?

Since Rahul Gandhi assumed the leadership of the Congress party, news is pouring in that there will be massive changes in the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee as well. It is being said in the Gandhi Bhavan circles that there is a strong possibility of a woman leader being chosen to head the T-PCC. The Congress party has been strongly criticizing the ruling TRS for not having a even a single woman minister in the Telangana Cabinet and Congress leaders of the state feel that this could be a good opportunity to show how much importance the Congress party gives to women.



The name of former minister D.K. Aruna is being floated as the next possible head. Owing to the different opinions being expressed about reorganization of the T-PCC in the past, the fact that D.K. Aruna’s name has emerged is generating interest. While AICC Telangana in charge R.K. Khuntia has been talking about changes in the T-PCC, the Delhi high command also knows that there is a possibility of losing the senior party members to other parties in the region if reorganization is not done. This is the reason for plans to completely revamp the PCC. With the recent entrant to Congress party, Revanth Reddy, in line to be the chairman of the publicity committee, questions are also rising on how D.K. Aruna, who belongs to the same district, can be made the PCC head. While some members are questioning how two key posts can be given to leaders from the same district, others are arguing that there are instances of PCC and CLP posts being given to leaders from the same district. What is certain is that there are many significant changes in the offing under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

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